The internet is changing the way business is being done. But many artists just donít have the time or money to develop their own web-sites. Or theyíre just too timid about jumping into cyber-space at all. In both cases they may be letting a magnificent opportunity pass them by.


Now, for the first time, you can have a quick, easy and inexpensive presence on the internet. Through RSVP and Art Imaging & CD-Rom Inc., art directors and art buyers all over the world can have instant access to your work. Your own web-site, designed, produced and installed in an incredibly short period of time. Within 21 days of receiving your artwork and information, we can have your web-site up and running, for a cost of ONLY $125. Here's what's included:

1) A photo of you (or a large piece of your artwork on the opening page).

2) A Bio and/or Client List along with your name.

3) Up to 12 pieces of your artwork, shown as thumbnails with click-on   enlargement.

4) Your contact information including name, address, phone, fax, e-mail address, etc.

5) An e-mail message form so someone visiting your site can contact you immediately through e-mail.

THE $125 PRICE INCLUDES A STANDARD LAY-OUT. A more customized design can be arranged at additional cost. As many as 40 additional pieces of art can be included for $10 per image. Images can also be replaced with new work for $10 per image.

***To see an example of our web- portfolio, go to RSVPís web-site at, and click on the RSVP/Art Imaging & CD-Rom sample web-site listing on our home page.

PAYMENT: Half-payment is required upon submission of art. Checks should be made out to RSVP and sent to: RSVP:THE DIRECTORY OF ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN, P.O. Box 050314, Brooklyn, NY 11205. The balance of payment is due upon completion of the web-site.

ARTWORK: Your art can be submitted using 35mm slides, transparencies (4"x5", 5"x7" or 8"x10"), small reflective art (no larger than 9"x12"), laser prints or preferably, in digital form. Each piece should be numbered in the order that you wish them to appear, from 1-12 (etc.) Art should indicate top/front and any cropping. All written information should be submitted ONLY on disk using word or word perfect. Art should be sent directly to Art Imaging & CD-Rom, Inc. at: 20 Tad Lane, Old Bethpage, NY 11804. Please include a SASE envelope or Fedex form for return of art.


IF YOU DO have a domain name and web-provider (server) we need:..

A) Host name (the name of your server)

B) User ID

C) Password

IF YOU DONíT have a domain name or web-provider, here are several easy and inexpensive options:

1) If you are already on the internet, you can contact to reserve space on their server. Banner-free premium hosting costs $8.95/month. Itís also available for free, but that includes banners and advertising you may not want. While on you can also access Network Solutions to register a domain name for $35 per year (or $70 for two years). All the instructions are very simple, straightforward and easy to follow. You can easily do this yourself. Once registered, send us the same information A, B and C, as shown above.

2) If you arenít already signed up for the internet or are unsure of the process, we can take care of the entire registration for you for an additional $35.

3) We can put your site up as a sub-domain on Art Imaging & CD-Romís web-site. The cost for this would be $12/month (separate from all design and installation costs. You can include your name as part of the sub-domain address, i.e. Http:// DOE.htm.


Also available at a cost of $100. Follow the same instructions for payment and submission of artwork, etc. Includes all aspects of the web-portfolio. The only difference is that the CD-Rom portfolio has a special slide show (dissolve) feature. Additional copies of the CD-Rom disk can be purchased from Art Imaging for $5/copy, $7.50/copy with a custom designed label (there is a one-time $25 set-up fee for this). You can burn additional copies yourself if you have the necessary equipment or go to a commercial CD-Rom company for multiple copies. The CD-Rom portfolio is available by itself or in addition to the web-portfolio.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS or need more information please call us at (718) 857-9267.